Why asaclean™

benefits of usage

Why should you use ASACLEAN™
purge compound?

  • - Keep material and colour changes as short as possible
  • - Avoid coatings and degenerations on the screw
  • - Reduce scrap parts
  • - Minimise the loss of expensive raw material
  • - Guarantee the compliance with quality standards
  • - Simplify and accelerate maintenance and repair
  • - Produce more efficiently
SHUT DOWN Without asaclean™
Shut down without Asaclean™ : 1 hour after
Shut down without Asaclean™ : 5 hours after
Shut down without Asaclean™ : After Restart with transparent PS
SHUT DOWN With asaclean™
Shut down with Asaclean™ : 1 hour after
Shut down with Asaclean™ : 5 hours after
Shut down with Asaclean™ : After Restart with transparent PS

Using ASACLEAN™ provides reductions not only in material cost,
but also in the overall processing costs.

Material cost savings

+ ASACLEAN™ is more expensive than moulding material.
The required usage quantity of ASACLEAN™, however,
is only about 1/3~ 1/10 than the amount required of moulding material.


+ The comparison should be made by "unit cost x usage quantity"
instead of material's unit cost alone.

Time savings

+ Since changeover time is shortened, labour costs and machine
operating costs can be decreased as well.

Defect reduction

+ Degradations prevented, and moulded product
defect rate is decreased as a result.

Wastes reduction

+ The amount of waste can also be reduced.
Using ASACLEAN™ not only reduces wastage costs but also enables you to reutilise the waste depot more effectively.

cost reduction

+ The maintenance cost reduction is made possible
through the decrease in both frequency and time
shortening of machine overhaul.

Total Cost Advantage

Total Cost Advantage
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