Why asaclean™

Purging compound definition

ASACLEAN™ is a purging compound for extrusion and injection moulding equipment. It makes colour and material changes easier and faster, reduces scrap, prevents contamination and improves your productivity.

The key benefits of ASACLEAN™ are :

  • - Ideal for colour and material change, shut down and sealing
  • - Faster changeover and reduced machine downtime
  • - increased productivity
  • - Scrap and waste reduction, low residue formation
  • - Reduction of expensive raw material loss

ASACLEAN™ can help you to solve several problems during the production :

  • - Unexpected occurrence of impurities and colour streaks
  • - After shut downs / maintenance period of scrap production
  • - Black spots in bright or transparent material
  • - Long transition time while changing colour or polymer
  • - Difficulties to pull the screw

General methods of purging :

  • - Manual cleaning by pulling the screw :
      = Very effective BUT time + man-power consuming
  • - Cleaning with base polymers or alternative material :
      = Effective BUT time consuming / waste of polymers
  • - Usage of special purge compounds :
      = Effective AND time and cost saving

How does a purge compound work ?

ASACLEAN™ combines 3 basic functions :

  • - Mechanical cleaning through shear force and different viscosities through a modified molecular weight of the base polymer
  • - Removal of impurities like burned material and colour residues through reactive chemical components and a special fluidity
  • - Avoidance of material degeneration at temperature changes because of high thermal stabilisation
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